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It’s said that if you’re not present on the internet, then you don’t exist. It’s actually true, for anyone who wants to be successful in business – no matter if you have a new business that sells a product or an old business that simply caters to coffee lovers.

This is the case because the online environment has seen an increased development in the last few years, and yet it’s still quite a new world. There are plenty of things that you can do online – you can create a business, you can advertise a product, you can sell something or you can simply create an app for something new and interesting. Whatever you decide to do, the internet is here to stay.

Getting back to our main point of this post. It’s important to say that SEO, also known as search engine optimization is actually a set of techniques that can help you be successful. It will be your grand presentation in the online environment, and, like everything else, you need someone who can do it correctly from the beginning.

This is where our company comes in, as we offer you the best Green Genie Toronto SEO experience. We have the expertise and the experience to help you get everything that you want, from an increased numbers of customers to bigger revenues.

Let’s see what you need to know about SEO before looking for anyone.

The Reasons

First of all, you need SEO because it can change many things in the online environment with direct impact on your business. Everything evolves constantly – both the economy and the technology, so it’s mandatory to keep up with the changes. If you’re not present online, then you’re not present in the business environment.

SEO comes from “search engine optimization” and it’s just one of the online marketing techniques that can help you get more visitors to your online store or your website, it can increase your sales’ level or it can generate more income. This is just a short explanation, but it’s actually a complex process where you’ll need a proficient person.

The Website

One of the most important things in online marketing is the website and its aspect. If you want to have something to get a good start, you’ll need a great website. You can get a model, of course, as there are plenty of those online, but you’ll need a professional to make it appealing.

Your website is like your visiting card – it needs to catch the attention of the visitors and make sure that they stay there. If your website is badly organized, people won’t find their way around it, and they will leave as soon as they got there.

This aspect is relevant, along with the rest of the things that can help you get a higher ranking – the content, the links, and the authority.

The Content

How often have you landed on a website and left in less than 15 seconds? A true answer will be close to “very often” because not many people know how to make their websites appealing. It’s more than just the aspect because the actual content of the site is also important.

This means that you’ll need to have relevant articles – things that people are interested in and things that people like to read about. Also, make sure that the articles are mainly related to your domain – if you sell flowers, you can’t write mainly about cars and their performance. You can add a smaller section with diverse topics, but people go to your website to read about what you have to offer.

Apart from this, make sure that the content is catchy and error-free – people don’t like to read boring things or badly written content.


You’ll need to have credibility on the internet, and this is why you’ll need to insert links on your website. This will show both visitors and search engines that the content that you have is informative, relevant and people can trust it. This is a very easy task, because every time you link to another website, this process increases your visibility. In time, it can lead to another effect – other websites will link to you, meaning that they will cite you in their content.

However, make sure that when you choose the links, they are relevant to what you have to offer – using keywords for linking is another secret that you have to pay attention to. For example – if you sell flowers, you’ll use something related to link it to content about flowers, and not about cars or houses. Both the keyword and the link need to be relevant.

Have a Smooth Website

Everyone loves a site that is error-free, meaning a website that uploads almost instantly and with relevant content. Speaking about smoothness – make sure that you don’t get your visitors bored by letting them wait. When you hire someone to create your website, make sure they test it properly before launching it. This is a very important step because you’ll need a clear text, perfect images, and working links.

This is just a part of what SEO actually is, but with the help of a good web developer you’ll be able to have all your questions answered and your problems solved in this area.

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