Douglas ‘ Doug’ Ebenstein and His Companies

The President of Capital Commercial Properties, Inc., Douglas Ebenstein is in charge of many properties and businesses. Capital Commercial Properties itself is a company he can be very proud of for all the great use it offers. This great place is located in Boca Raton, Florida and has had considerable success in real estate. There is a huge and valuable place in Alexandria, Virginia that Capital Commercial Properties helped to create. 

This company also helped this lovely site in Alexandria to grow and expand to achieve many honors, including being the host of hundreds of units of residents. Founded by Norman Ebenstein in 1961, Capital Commercial Properties is now being directed by Douglas Ebenstein and Lisa Ebenstein, who are doing all they can to keep this company successful, beneficial, and rising higher in the market.

Also the President of Eden Center, Inc., Doug Ebenstein has other great positions to boast about with this company. This is because this awesome center is in charge of one of the best Asian shopping centers on the entire East Coast. Along with all its other greatness, this company has turned into quite a mainstay for culture, information, and education. It also manages to keep house for over 100 tenants. Twenty-four remarkable Vietnamese restaurants make up some of these tenants. The Eden Center has received several honors that acknowledge the major accomplishments of the company. These awards are listed below:

  • “Most Improved Commercial Property” an honor that was received in Virginia in 1997
  • “Best Shopping Center” in 2014 was an honor received by the Washington City Paper
  • “Best Shopping Center” in 2015 was an honor received by the Washington City Paper

Doug Ebenstein is the director of many retail leases and the developmental efforts of shopping centers all over the country. The main places he has developments in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. Along with these prosperous developments, Capital Commercial Properties also has many resourceful properties in different parts of this country that include Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. 

Douglas Ebenstein’s Education

While attending Brown University and earning his Bachelor of Arts in economics, Mr. Ebenstein played as a participant on the varsity tennis team for every single year he was at Brown University. He did extremely well while on this team placing well in the competitions each year. His next phase of life takes him to Duke University soon after he graduated from Brown University. While at Duke University, Doug Ebenstein did well, with many great accomplishments.

Doug Ebenstein has had a great impact on his community where he lives a very strong presence for many years. He’s also devoted to athletic programs for the tennis team where he played when he was studying. He is also one of the people behind the annual winter trip in Florida for the whole tennis team. He also happens to be an important member of a congregation in Florida.

Doug Ebenstein’s Influence on Real Estate & Property Development

Douglas Ebenstein is always on the lookout for the possibility of new opportunities in real estate. He focuses on long-lasting growth for all his companies and properties. He understands how risky the real-estate business can be with the surprising ups and downs of property value. However, Doug Ebenstein and his companies manage to remain successful due to his obtaining assets in places he knows will keep and raise their value consistently over some time. Doug’s mission for himself and his companies is to keep the philosophy of long-term investments to ensure a good continuance of growth and productivity.

As passionate as he is to the sport, Doug is still enthusiastic about playing tennis. It is very obvious as he is considered a high-ranking player in the United States. He ranks number three in singles and of being number five in doubles. In addition to this, he has also donated money to both of his alma maters as well as donating to the preparatory schools and universities that his children have gone to. Douglas has proven and is constantly proving how good of a heart he has.