Choosing the Right Fence for You and Painting it Too

By  your #1 choice in Oshawa Painters

When deciding to add a fence to your property, there are several things to take into consideration – it can provide security and privacy to your home or place of business, it can add to the appearance and appeal, as well as add to the value. What type of fencing is right for you? There is a variety to choose from – wood fences, custom wrought iron fences, chain link fences, vinyl fences, corral fences, and retaining walls.

Ask an expert to help you make your decision. They can inform you of the pros and cons of each material. Wood fences add an attractive appeal to a home. The “American Dream” is to own a house with a white picket fence. The downside to choosing a wood fence is it requires the most upkeep and maintenance. Wrought iron fences provide an attractive appeal to the home. They are low upkeep as well. Just be sure to investigate the quality of the iron as some can deteriorate quicker than others. Vinyl fencing is another option. It is slightly more expensive the wood fences, but they require much less maintenance and hold their appeal longer.

Chain link fencing is considered unattractive and provides little privacy, but it is a cost-efficient way of enclosing an outdoor space. This fencing will require minimal to no upkeep and can last many years. Retaining walls provide an immense amount of privacy and security. Things to consider with retaining walls – how high do you need it to be, will it require a building permit, color preference, and material preference. Do you own acreage with large animals that need to be protected? Corral fencing would be the right choice for you. Things to remember when selecting corral fencing – how much space do you need to be enclosed, what is your budget, how large are your animals. Depending on those factors, you can select the material. Steel pipes, wooden posts, or barbed wire?

There are a variety of companies available in the fence market. Be sure to choose a respectable company with a contracting license, a company that has years of experience, good quality fencing, and great customer service. Pricing can be an indication of the value; too high or too low may show there are some troubles. Also ask about any warranties, repairs, and other details after your fence have been installed. Keep in mind everything you need to consider – from appearance and appeal to security and privacy. There is a fencing choice for everyone’s needs.