Just the other day, I was looking at a tweet from a site that provides content to clients. The tweet mentioned that the focus on creating content should be less about professionalism and more about engaging readers. But wait, you have to provide professional and authoritative content, right? Yes, but many site owners get caught up in talking over everyone’s heads.



You see, content creating is all about providing interesting information for people to read. You want to actually get their attention, not just spout out facts. What’s going to grab people and keep them on your site to actually read the words that are displayed? Not only that, but if you think they care just about the words, you’re mistaken. In fact, they might not even read the words. They could skim for headlines and a few tidbits, but you better believe you need interesting images and some video content, too. See examples at Articles I Need.

When creating written content, think about what you would like to read. Throw some personality in there. People often think that writing in the third person is best, but honestly, you might want to just get down to talking in first person, at least some of the time. This especially works great for blogs. In fact, what you really want to do is tell a story. Find interesting ways to engage your readers by telling them things they don’t know about the topic at hand.

Personal stories that readers can relate to really work out well. You have to make sure that you are talking to your audience in a way that keeps them coming back for more. That doesn’t mean, however, that the content doesn’t need to be professional. Short lists with tidbits of content in each section are what really grabs readers in 2018. You want to focus even more on the headlines and subtitles than you do the content. Here are some online resources to help with content creation – I Need Articles at Live Journal, and the I Need Articles Blog on Soup.

How are you going to grab the attention of your readers? Reach out to them using engaging content that provides value. Fill that need. One thing you can do is outsource your content to writers that do this for a living. They will provide you with content that engages your readers, and that type of content can pay dividends. You just have to learn what’s best and what your readers like. Perhaps you could test the waters and order some fresh content from other writers, shaking things up.

By We Deliver Web Design